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Trusted Endovascular Surgery in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV

Endovascular surgery is a minimally invasive procedure requiring a small incision and specialized instruments to access the vascular system (the body’s veins and arteries) and perform surgery. Endovascular surgery is used to treat blood vessel problems without traditional, more invasive surgery. Two of the more well-known endovascular surgeries are angioplasty, to open blocked coronary arteries, and endovascular embolization, which treats brain aneurysms.

Endovascular surgery typically involves a shorter recovery period compared to conventional (open) vascular surgery. This extremely versatile surgical technique can treat a range of blood vessel conditions, including:

Endovascular surgery is also performed on people who need ongoing dialysis for kidney disease. Doctors use it to create a vascular access point for the dialysis machine. 

If you have a vascular condition or disease, endovascular surgery in Las Vegas or Henderson, NV, may be an alternative to other treatments. To learn more about the cardiovascular services and doctors at Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican hospitals, call (702) 616-4900 or find a neurosurgeon today.


Your Endovascular Surgery Experience

Endovascular surgery is also known as image-guided vascular surgery because the surgeon uses X-rays and other imaging techniques to see your blood vessels and guide the surgical instruments to the treatment area.

You may need general anesthesia, depending on your specific circumstances. If you do not need general anesthesia, your care team will give you a sedative to help you relax. A local anesthetic numbs the area where the catheter (a thin tube) is inserted into your blood vessel (often the femoral artery in your groin). 

Then, the radiologist threads the catheter to the target area using X-ray guidance. Once the catheter is in place, the surgeon or interventional radiologist performs the surgery (such as aneurysm repair). 

Once the procedure is complete and X-rays confirm the repair, the catheter is removed and a pressure dressing is placed over the incision.


Endovascular Surgery Recovery at Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican Hospitals

Your vascular surgery team will care for you in the recovery room until the anesthetic or sedative wears off. The incision may be sore for a while and could bruise. Before you leave the hospital, your care team will tell you about any activity restrictions you may have while you recover at home. Generally, you will have a follow-up appointment with your doctor to review your treatment.

As with any surgical procedure, there are some risks to endovascular surgery, although complications are not common. In most cases, the benefits of endovascular treatment outweigh the risk of complications.

Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican provides comprehensive care for endovascular surgery in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV.