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Your Answer to Heel Pain in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV

Heel pain is any discomfort experienced near the heel bone. This type of pain can be caused by a number of conditions, including plantar fasciitis or, in rare cases, a heel spur that develops as a result of plantar fasciitis. A heel spur is an abnormal bony growth on the front of your heel bone.


Symptoms of Heel Pain & Spurs

It’s common for heel spurs not to have signs and symptoms. They may not be found until an X-ray is taken for some other foot problem. Because heel spurs are very common in people with plantar fasciitis, it’s easy to think your heel pain may be caused by them. However, it’s actually the plantar fasciitis causing the heel pain.

No matter what’s causing your heel pain, you can count on the orthopedic team at Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican hospitals for treatment for heel pain in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV. Find an orthopedist online or call (702) 616-4900 to schedule a consultation.


What Causes Heel Pain?

Heel pain and spurs are usually the result of plantar fasciitis, which is inflammation of the band of tissue (fascia) that connects the heel bone to the base of the toes. This causes pain beneath the heel. When the inflammation continues for a long period of time, heel spurs (or calcium deposits) develop where the band connects to the heel bone.


Heel Pain Treatment at Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican Hospitals

Treatment of heel pain focuses on treating the cause, usually plantar fasciitis. Rest, ice, stretching exercises, and shoe inserts may help relieve your pain. Physical therapy can also help heal the inflamed fascia and prevent future problems.

If nonsurgical treatments haven’t improved your heel pain, the orthopedic surgeons at Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican can help with a variety of treatment options. 

Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican offers a specialty in joint care, offering treatment for patients with heel pain in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV.