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Caring for Your Hand Injuries in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV

Hand injuries can range from fractures and joint dislocations to pulled tendons and even accidental amputation. Doctors caring for a hand injury at Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican work to relieve symptoms, heal the problem, and rehabilitate the affected area.

The focus of hand injury care is to relieve pain and preserve or restore normal function in your hand, getting you back to your everyday activities. 

  • Hand fracture: Some breaks are simple, with the bones still aligned and not shifting. In more serious fractures, the bone fragments move out of alignment, and may break through the skin.
  • Tendon injury: Tendons may be cut or torn completely away from the bone.
  • Accidental amputation: Amputations can range from cutting off a bit of your skin to completely severing a finger.

Whether you have a broken hand or a hand tendon injury, the orthopedic specialists at Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican can have you feeling better with our personalized treatment. Find an orthopedist near you or call (702) 616-4900 to receive care for your hand injuries in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV.


What to Expect from Hand Injury Care at Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican Hospitals

For minor hand injuries, your doctor might be able to treat you in the office. For more serious problems, you might need to go to one our hospitals or emergency rooms.

For less serious hand fractures, a cast or splint can immobilize the area until it heals. More serious fractures may require surgery and metal hardware to hold the bones in place while they heal. If your bone is crushed, you might need a bone graft, in which bone from another part of your body will be removed and used in your hand.

For a cut tendon, an orthopedic surgeon uses sutures to repair the tendon and any injured nerves or blood vessels in the area. If the tendon is torn, you may only need a splint to restrict movement while the tendon heals. Sometimes scar tissue can form around an injured tendon. If scar tissue causes significant trouble moving your hand, you may need surgery to remove the scar tissue.

Depending on the severity of an accidental amputation, an orthopedic surgeon may be able to reattach the part of the hand that was severed. For a finger that has been fully cut off, the doctor will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of reattaching it. In some cases your surgeon may use a skin graft to cover your wound.


Hand Injury Recovery

Depending your treatment and severity of injury, your hand may take several weeks or months to heal. Hand therapy with an occupational or physical therapist can help restore mobility and function of your injured hand. This rehabilitation process may include pain relief techniques, special exercises, and instructions on using adaptive devices. Our orthopedic team will work with you every step of the way until you are able to comfortably use your hand.

Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican offers hand injury care in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV.