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Improve Your Movement with Joint Resurfacing in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV

Joint resurfacing is a type of partial joint replacement that replaces only the damaged part of the joint with artificial materials, as opposed to replacing the entire joint. Resurfacing, often performed on the shoulder, knee, or hip, saves more existing, healthy joint bone and tissue than replacement. 

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Why We Perform Joint Resurfacing

Your doctor may recommend joint resurfacing to treat chronic joint pain due to: 

  • Hip dysplasia, when the hip joint doesn’t develop normally, causing the joint to wear out
  • Osteonecrosis, death of bone (a rare condition)
  • Inflammatory forms of arthritis, including rheumatoid arthritis
  • Traumatic arthritis, which develops after a fracture or severe sprain or strain
  • Osteoarthritis, the breakdown of cartilage and bone
  • Rotator cuff problems in the shoulder


Your Joint Resurfacing at Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican Hospitals

Joint resurfacing is major surgery that requires general anesthesia. The extent of your incision and the time to perform the surgery will depend on the affected joint. For example, hip resurfacing may involve a larger incision than a hip replacement, but a partial knee replacement often involves a smaller incision.


Recovery from Joint Resurfacing Surgery

You will likely spend one to four days in the hospital after joint resurfacing, and you may need time in a rehabilitation center before returning home. Full recovery from joint resurfacing may take up to 12 weeks. 

Physical therapy will help you regain joint strength and movement. You may need to use crutches or wear a sling for several weeks after surgery. Your care team at Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican will make sure you have everything you need to get back to your normal activities.

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Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican offers experience in joint resurfacing in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV.