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Welcome to Mercy Gilbert Medical Center's online Business Office. The online Business Office was created to provide you with information about the hospital billing process and financial resources available to you.



For questions about AHCCCS/Arizona Department of Economic Security government programs and financial assistance with your bill, please call (855) 892-2400.

To receive general information about AHCCCS/Arizona Department of Economic Security government programs, please call (855) 432-7587.

Financial Assistance

At Dignity Health, we are committed to providing compassionate, high-quality care to the communities we serve. If you don't have health insurance, our financial counseling staff is here to help you to find and access government or private programs that may help you pay for health care.

Estimate Your Health Care Costs

Dignity Health is committed to helping patients make informed decisions about their care. Our cost estimate tool helps you estimate your out-of-pocket costs for care. This tool provides cost estimates for at least 300 common medical services and procedures.

While this tool can help you estimate some health care costs, it’s important to know that it only provides a partial estimate. The estimate includes the hospital’s charges and fees, but it does not include physician fees, such as charges for your emergency room physician, radiologist or anesthesiologist. In addition, your final cost may be higher or lower depending on many factors, including insurance coverage, the length of your stay in the hospital, health complications and recommended treatments ordered by your doctor.

For a more complete understanding of your financial responsibility, contact your insurance provider. You may also contact us to speak with a Dignity Health financial counselor and learn about financial assistance options you may be eligible for.

Getting Started

To generate the most accurate estimate for your health care procedure, please have the following information available:

  • Insurance information, if applicable (not required)
  • Patient’s personal information, including contact information
  • The name of your procedure or service

Pay Your Bill

For your convenience we offer multiple payment options, including:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • American Express
You can pay your bill online now by clicking here.

For help with your bill and/or billing inquiries, please call Patient Financial Services at (480) 728-7281 or please fill out billing inquiry form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Provided in the link below is a list of common questions frequently asked by our patients. If you have specific questions about your bill, please contact customer service at (480) 728-4300, or call the customer service number listed on your billing statement.


Contact a Representative

Patient Financial Services (855) 892-2400

Glossary of Billing Terms

A comprehensive list of terms you may find regarding your billing statement or hospital stay

Understanding Your Bill

A guide to help you read and understand your bill.

Billing Inquiry

For help with your bill and/or billing inquiries, please call Patient Financial Services at (480) 728-7281 or please fill out the billing inquiry form.

Procedure Pricing Information

Dignity Health believes health care is a fundamental human right and should be accessible to all. That means making sure care is affordable. Dignity Health offers one of the most generous financial assistance policies in the nation, with free and discounted care to families that need it most. We also help uninsured patients apply for government or private insurance.

Dignity Health understands medical bills are complex and can be confusing. The information on this website will help guide you to better understand the care you receive and how much it costs. We are committed to transparency and helping our patients understand the services they receive and how they are billed.

Download a list of our standard charges for medical services below. In most cases, these charges do not reflect the price you would pay for these services, and are adjusted based on your insurance coverage and financial assistance you may be eligible for. The prices you see listed for service reflect an average cost, and yours may be different depending upon how they are delivered in a care circumstance.

2019 – 2020 Procedure List

Top 50 Outpatient Procedures

Top 50 Inpatient Procedures

  • For estimated cost of services and charges, contact (888) 488-7667. At your request, we can provide actual cost estimates for services in advance of treatment.
  • For general billing questions, click here. 
  • For financial assistance, click here.