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Pricing for Procedures

Dignity Health understands that medical bills are complex and can be confusing. We are committed to transparency and helping our patients understand the services they receive and how they are billed. Below is a link (     that shows our standard prices for medical services).

In most cases, these rates do not reflect what you would pay for these services. (note call out for bundle above). Those charges are adjusted based on your insurance coverage and financial assistance you may be eligible for.

Dignity Health believes health care is a fundamental human right and should be accessible to all, and that means making sure care is affordable.

We offer one of the most generous financial assistance policies in the nation, with free and discounted care to families that need it most. We also help uninsured patients apply for government or private insurance.

The information on this website will help guide you to better understand the care you receive and how it is compensated. Please contact us at (     if you need further explanations of services and charges. At your request, we can provide actual cost estimates for services in advance of treatment.