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Tracking my Study Submissions FAQs

Tracking my Study Submissions FAQs

  • iMedRIS system will automatically assign a 7-digit number to each new study submission. The IRB number is assigned when you submit to your IRB of record, EVR, NHMC, SJHMC, etc. The alpha prefix indicates the IRB of record, the first two digits represent the year in which the study was initially reviewed or approved in iMedRIS. e.g., EVR 12-123 and the remaining digits are your study's number, in sequence, with others studies submitted that year.

What is the Submission Reference Number? Where do I find it?

  • The Reference # is a unique identifier for any study related item submitted to iMedRIS. All submissions receive a Reference number. You can find the reference # located in the upper left corner of the many of study pages, and on your home page in the windows for Incomplete and Completed Tasks.
  • The Reference # will remain constant for your submission and does not change during or after the review. The reference# will help you to identify individual submissions, whether the original submission, a submission response or a document in the study history that is linked.

What is a study status and what does it mean?

  • The overall study has a status in iMedRIS. Here are what these statuses mean and some important notes about the statuses.
    • Exempt
    • Draft
    • Pending
    • Pending – Submitted for Initial Review
    • Returned for Changes
    • Open and Enrolling
    • Open and Temporarily Closed to Enrollment
    • Open and Permanently Closed to Enrollment
    • Open – Data Collection Study Only – No Enrollment
    • Suspended (by IRB or Administration)
    • Closed – Study Completed
    • Closed – Withdrawn by Investigator
    • Closed – Terminated by Sponsor
    • Closed – Terminated by Dignity Health
    • Inactive – Administratively Closed

How can I track my study submission? (Submission Workflow Tracking)

  1. Go to the Research Assistant tab.

  2. Go to My Projects section and Click the applicable study.

  3. Click to open on the "Submission History" link to check for more detail about where the study is in the review process.

  4. Locate the submission you want to track, and click the Track Location.

If you don't find the answers you're searching for, please call the East Valley Regional IRB at (480) 728-3582.