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About the Sleep Center

A night of sleep at Mercy Gilbert Medical Center's Sleep Center is better than a night of sleep at home.

Sleep Disorders

A good night’s sleep can be closer than you think.

Dignity Health Mercy Gilbert’s Medical Center sleep experts have successfully combined clinical expertise with a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere to help put your mind at ease. We help patients of any age find relief for a wide range of sleep disorders ranging from insomnia, sleep apnea, narcolepsy, and sleep terrors. We offer prompt scheduling, as well as timely turnaround with test results and follow-up to quickly diagnose the cause, evaluate your individual condition, and find relief.

You are welcome to schedule a tour of our sleep center prior to your appointment. In most cases, a night of sleep at Mercy Gilbert’s Sleep Center is better than a night of sleep at home.

Comfort and Convenience

Many local residents choose Mercy Gilbert’s Sleep Center for both our expertise and beautifully appointed private sound-proof rooms.

All sleeping rooms are equipped with:

  • Sleep Number® bed with adjustable elevations and firmness levels.
  • Flat screen TV with Dish Network.
  • Private bathrooms with shower.
  • Complimentary coffee, tea and juice are also available before starting your busy day.

According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, approximately 40 million people in the United States suffer from chronic long-term sleep disorders each year

Sleep is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Lack of sleep causes you to feel worn out, stressed and unable to function normally. Fatigue can often affect your work, and can carry over into leisure time with your family. People who suffer from sleeplessness, snoring or daytime sleepiness may have a sleep disorder and should be referred to a specialist such as our physicians. In most cases, sleep disorders can be easily managed once they are properly diagnosed.

We strive to make your experience as comfortable and home-like as possible.

To schedule an appointment or arrange for a tour, call 480.728.ZZZZ (9999).

Sleep Facts and Tips

  • Adults should average seven to eight hours of sleep a night in order to function at their best.
  • Lack of sleep can affect coordination as much as intoxication.
  • There are four stages of sleep we pass through every night. The final stage, Rapid Eye Movement (REM), is the phase in which dreams occur.
  • The Epworth Sleepiness Scale is a short questionnaire used to assess your level of daytime sleepiness.
  • A person with sleep apnea can stop breathing over 100 times per hour.
  • Up to one third of the U.S. population experiences insomnia or difficulty falling and/or staying asleep.
  • Treatment of sleep disorders may decrease motor vehicle accidents, heart attacks and stroke.

To schedule an appointment or arrange for a tour, call 480.728.ZZZZ (9999).

For More Information

The Sleep Center is located on Mercy Gilbert’s campus. We are on the third floor of the Mercy Gilbert Medical Plaza building. This facility can be found directly off of Mercy Road and east of the hospital’s emergency room entrance.

Our services are covered by most insurance policies.

Mercy Gilbert Medical Center
Sleep Center
3420 South Mercy Road, Suite 305
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