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Schedule an Appointment

We believe in providing quality expert care to every patient we see. To schedule an appointment or arrange for a tour, call 480.728.ZZZZ (9999).

Take the Epworth Sleepiness Quiz to see if you are getting enough sleep.

Please call us the day before your appointment to confirm (Friday morning for weekend appointments).

In preparation for your appointment, please:
  • Avoid caffeine products such as coffee, tea, soda and chocolate after 10 a.m.
  • Do not take any daytime naps.
  • Bring any medication with you that you need to take at bedtime (the Sleep Center does not have access to any medications).
  • Bring comfortable sleeping clothes and we will take care of the rest. We have a variety of pillows and plenty of blankets for your comfort.
  • Do not use any products on your hair or skin after showering. 

Where to Find Us

The Sleep Center is located on Mercy Gilbert’s campus. We are on the third floor of the Mercy Gilbert Medical Plaza building. This facility can be found directly off of Mercy Road and east of the hospital’s emergency room entrance.

Our services are covered by most insurance policies.

Mercy Gilbert Medical Center
Sleep Center
3420 South Mercy Road, Suite 305
Gilbert, AZ 85297