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During Surgery

Upon your arrival to the pre-surgery area, your family members will receive a card with your personal identification number (PIN), the name of your surgeon and a phone number to call with any questions.

The confidential PIN allows your family to track your status by referring to the tracking board located in the surgery waiting room. The monitor indicates whether you are in the pre-operative area, operating room or surgery recovery room, or if you've been brought to a private room. In the event your surgery lasts more than an hour, an operating room nurse will call the surgery waiting area 60 minutes into the procedure to speak with your family and update your status.

Once you have been taken to the operating room, your loved ones may return to the surgery waiting room. Your time in surgery will depend upon the type of surgery you are having. Your surgeon should be able to give you a general length of time to expect.

During surgery, your family and friends can watch television and read magazines in the waiting area. If your loved ones are not in the waiting area when your surgery is finished, they may miss the chance to speak with the surgeon.

Learn More About Surgery at Mercy Gilbert

If you have questions or concerns about what to expect during surgery, please call our surgery admission nurse at (480) 728-7062.