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Diagnosing and treating you effectively

We understand that many urologic problems can have a big impact on your comfort and confidence. We’re here to help.


Urology Services

Advanced Treatment

Incontinence or frequent urination—We offer minimally invasive procedures, to treat this common problem for women and men. We can also help with bladder infections and urinary tract infections. 

Kidney stones—We have a comprehensive kidney stone management program. 

  • ESWL: Extracorporeal Shockwave Lithotripsy.  A noninvasive way to break up kidney stones, through ultrasonic shockwaves 
  • PCNL: Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy: To break up very large kidney stones. 
  • URS: Uteroscopy
  • Lithotripsy: To break up kidney stones using a laser.

Prostate problems— We offer less invasive therapies, such as laser vaporization and enucleation for urinary obstruction resulting from an enlarged prostate. Learn More about Aquablation

Prostate cancer and kidney (renal) cancer— Treatments for prostate cancer and kidney cancer is available at Mercy Gilbert Medical Center including robotic prostatectomies, nephrectomies

Women's Urology Services:  We offer minimally invasive repairs of bladder and rectal prolapse.

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Mercy Gilbert Medical Center

At Mercy Gilbert Medical Center, we use innovative, leading edge techniques and equipment to diagnose and treat conditions affecting your urinary system.