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Digital Mammography

Our facilities are MQSA certified and offer patients direct access to certified technologists, board certified radiologists and a women’s imaging specialist. Mammograms are read by a board-certified radiologist before the patient leaves.

Hologic Genius™ 3D Tomosynthesis (mammography)

Our radiologists will examine breast tissue layer by layer making fine details more visible and no longer hidden by the tissue above or below.

Our technology provides a clearer image for women identified to have dense breast tissue and reduces false-positives.

Our technology is also equipped with C-view capability. C-view creates the 2D image from the 3D image enabling low-dose tomosynthesis studies without having to radiate a patient several times which is in contrast to other 3D technology

While a mammogram can't prevent breast cancer, it is vitally important in the early detection and treatment of the disease.

Learn More Digital Mammography at Mercy Gilbert

For more information about the Women's Imaging Center or to schedule a digital mammography, please call 480.728.PINK (7)465.