Helpful Resources

Helpful Resources

For additional educational information on diabetes the following sites may be of interest.

Note: Dignity Health does not endorse the organizations sponsoring the websites below, nor do we endorse the views they express or the products/services they offer.


  • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics:  eatright.org
    • Nutrition information from registered dietitians
  • American Diabetes Association:  diabetes.org
    • Click on the "Recipes" or "My Good Advisor" tab for information regarding healthy eating, meal planning, recipes/recipe analysis, cookbooks and more
  • Calorie King:  calorieking.com
    • Online weight management program, nutrition information and analysis, recipes & resources
  • The National Weight Control Registry:  nwcr.ws
    • Practices used by those successful losing and maintaining weight loss, success stories, and research findings
  • Nutrition Facts:  nutritionfacts.com
    • Nutrition database, recipe calculation
  • Vegetarian Nutrition Information:
  • USDA: Choose My Plate: choosemyplate.gov
    • Guidelines, tips, resources for healthy eating

Exercise Resources:

  • Arthritis Foundation:  arthritis.org
    • Arthritis information and events, exercise and aquatic program listings, advocacy information 
  • MyFitnessPal:  myfitnesspal.com
    • Nutrition and activity tracker
  • Sit and be Fit:  sitandbefit.org
    • Exercise series for healthy aging, functional fitness, and improving wellness

General Diabetes Resources:

  • Diabetes Daily:  diabetesdaily.com
    • Online support community, and educational information
  • Diabetes Life: dlife.com
    • Information about living with diabetes, resources, and community networking
  • Take Control of Your Diabetes:  tcoyd.org
    • Education, motivation, and self-advocacy information and resources