Patient Safety

At Dignity Health – St. Rose Dominican, our staff is committed to the health and safety of all patients.

To ensure your hospital stay is as pleasant and safe as possible, please follow the guidelines below.

Valet Parking

Take advantage of the free valet parking available at both the San Martin and Siena Campuses!

Be Involved

  • Take part in decisions about your treatment.

  • Ask the doctor or your care provider to explain anything you don’t understand.

  • Voice any concerns you have about your health care or condition.

  • Ask a trusted family member or friend to be with you when the doctor or care provider is explaining your treatment or condition.

  • Complete an Advance Directive and bring it with you to the hospital. If you are having surgery, make sure you, your doctor and your surgeon all agree on what will be done.

  • Ask the doctor to mark the area to be operated on before you are anesthetized.

  • Keep a written record of your medical history.

Hand Washing

  • Hand washing is the best way to fight infection.

  • Wash your hands carefully after using the bathroom and throughout the day.

  • Ask your care providers if they have washed their hands before they have direct contact with you.

  • Ask all visitors to wash their hands when they enter the room.

  • If friends or relatives feel ill, ask them to stay home.


  • You may be asked your name and birth date several times throughout your stay.

  • These two patient identifiers are used to ensure you receive the proper treatments.

  • Your answers will be compared each time to your wristband, charts and medications.

Medication Safety

  • Let your doctor and care providers know of any allergies you have.

  • Ask what medications you are being given while in the hospital.

  • Ask why you are taking them, potential side effects and what the pills look like.

  • If you are given a pill that looks different, ask why.

  • Let your care provider know if you have an adverse reaction to any of the medications you are given.

Nurse Call Light

  • For your safety, please do not try to leave your bed or chair without first informing your care provider.

  • For assistance, press the nurse call button on the arm of your bed.

Sign Language Interpretation Services

  • For American sign language interpretation services, Dignity Health is contracted with The Language People, Inc.

  • Contact information: (800) 894-2345

  • Urgent Requests (follow prompts): (707) 538-8900

  • Back Up Phone: (800) 873-0595


  • Ask for written instructions for your discharge and aftercare.

  • If you are prescribed medications, be sure you have written instructions explaining when to take the medication and for how long.

  • Ask your doctor or care provider what type of physical activity is allowed for your condition and be sure to follow this advice.