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Complete Care with Heart Valve Surgery in Las Vegas, NV

Heart valves control the way blood flows through your heart. If any of these valves become damaged or diseased, it can keep your heart from pumping blood efficiently. Our doctors at Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican hospitals can use heart valve surgery to repair or replace the valve and help your heart work correctly and reduce symptoms.

Learn more about your options for care before, during, and after heart valve surgery in Las Vegas or Henderson, NV by finding a cardiologist or cardiac surgeon or calling (702) 616-4900. We offer a range of advanced treatments, including robotic-assisted mitral valve surgery.

You can also take our quick online assessment to learn more about your heart health.


Reasons for Heart Valve Surgery

Although many people can live for years with mild heart valve disease without treatment, over time, heart valve disease can lead to life-threatening complications such as heart failure.

If your heart valve problems are severe and cause symptoms such as shortness of breath, passing out, fatigue, dizziness, and fluid retention, your doctor may recommend heart valve surgery. 

The most common heart valve surgeries include:

  • Minimally invasive heart valve repair, performed by inserting a thin, flexible tube (catheter) through a large blood vessel in your leg, arm, or neck and threading it to the heart
  • Minimally invasive valve replacements, including aortic valve replacement
  • Traditional open heart surgery to replace valves with biological or mechanical implants


What to Expect

Before heart valve surgery at Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican hospitals, you will receive sedation or general anesthesia, depending on whether you are having a minimally invasive or traditional procedure. 

During a minimally invasive procedure with a catheter, you may feel some pressure or mild pain in your chest as your heart valve is being repaired or replaced. With open heart valve surgery, you will be on a heart-lung machine, which pumps your blood and keeps your heart still during the operation.


Recovery After Heart Valve Surgery in Las Vegas, NV

The recovery time for heart valve surgery is anywhere from two to eight weeks, depending on the type of procedure. Open heart surgery generally requires a longer recovery time.

When it’s time for you to go home from the hospital, you will receive detailed instructions about how to care for your incision, what types and levels of activity you may participate in, what to eat, how to bathe, and more. 

Repairing or replacing a heart valve will help your heart pump blood better and may give you more energy than you had before the surgery. Cardiac rehabilitation can help you fully recover and learn how to best care for your heart.

Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican offers an expertise in heart valve surgery for patients in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV.