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Neurological Care Through Hocoma® Lokomat, ArmeoPower, & Erigo in Henderson, NV

Hocoma® Lokomat, ArmeoPower, and Erigo are robotic systems that assist in neurological rehabilitation programs to help people walk or use their arms and upper body. These systems serve as an exoskeleton — a robotic type of suit or armor you wear over your body:

  • Hocoma Erigo is robot-assisted walking therapy with electrostimulation.
  • Hocoma Lokomat is robot-assisted walking therapy.
  • Hocoma ArmeoPower supports your upper body and assists with arm and hand rehabilitation.

When you come to Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican looking for care for your neurological condition, ask us about Hocoma in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV. We use the most advanced treatment to help your manage your condition and improve your quality of life. Find a neurologist near your, call (702) 616-4900, or visit today.


Conditions Treated with Hocoma Lokomat, ArmeoPower, & Erigo

The three medical robot systems are designed to help people who have lost their ability to move their muscles. This loss of function may be caused by:


How Hocoma Robot Systems Works

Our neurology team at the Dignity Health Rehabilitation Hospital uses Hocoma devices to support you and to help your muscles regain muscle memory through movement. The Erigo allows your body to feel the natural sensations of being upright, which in turn, has a positive effect on your body overall. The Lokomat and ArmeoPower focus on regaining movement and strength.


The Erigo is usually used in the early stages of therapy, as soon as rehabilitation is possible following injury or nervous system trauma. Our rehab team secures you on a specially designed tilt table, which gradually tilts you up into a standing position. While upright, the device moves the your feet and legs in a stepping motion.


When using the Lokomat, you wear a harness to stay upright and secure as you walk on a treadmill. Straps around the your legs connect to a robot frame and computer. The computer controls how the legs are moved and how quickly they step, mimicking a normal gait. The repetitive movement trains your brain and spinal cord to work together again and improves your ability to walk. 


The Armeo is strapped to one or both arms and, if necessary, the upper body. A robotic arm guides your arm through exercises and specific tasks. This retrains the brain and muscles to move in a coordinated manner. You and your therapists can choose more or less robotic assistance as you progress through treatment and gain more independence.


Measuring Your Progress at Dignity Health Rehabilitation Hospital 

Doctors, therapists, and support staff set goals and measure improvement over time. For people coping with a severe neurological condition and disability, this type of intensive rehabilitation sets the stage for a return to a more active life with as much independence as possible.

The Dignity Health Rehabilitation Hospital provides acute inpatient rehabilitation using Hocoma in Henderson, NV.