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Treating hip conditions & injuries

Your hip is a ball-and-socket joint that also contains ligaments, tendons, cartilage, and other soft tissues in and around the joint. The hip is one of the largest joints in your body, so it can affect your entire body if it is injured. The hip bears your body weight and supports many kinds of movements, so a hip condition can keep you from doing daily activities.

Some common hip injuries and conditions are:

If you would like to get back to your normal day-to-day activities after a hip injury or with a hip condition in Las Vegas or Henderson, NV, Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican hospitals can help. Start your journey to healing by calling (702) 616-4900 or using our Find a Doctor tool.

Causes of hip injuries & conditions

The cause of your hip condition or injury will vary. Overuse from repetitive motions can cause some hip conditions, such as bursitis. Trauma caused by a fall, direct blow to the hip, sports injuries or car accidents is often the main cause of hip injuries such as dislocations, fractures, and strains. Chronic problems, such as arthritis, can make hip problems more likely.

Symptoms of hip conditions & injuries

The signs and symptoms of your hip condition or injury depend on the specific problem and affected area. Hip pain is a common symptom and can spread to thighs, buttocks, or knees, causing pain that feels sharp, dull, or achy. Joint stiffness, decreased range of motion, and a popping or locking of the joint can also be symptoms. For fractures and dislocations, the pain may be very severe and may keep you from moving or rotating your hip.

Treating hip conditions & injuries 

Your health care team will consider your specific hip condition or injury to determine the best treatment option. Your doctor will also consider your medical history and risk factors for future problems. Many hip conditions and injuries respond well to nonsurgical treatments, including rest, modifying activities, and using anti-inflammatory medicines. Hip fractures, and sometimes dislocations, may require surgery to properly treat the injury.


Physical therapy can also help relieve pain and restore strength, flexibility, and range of motion to your hip. You can trust your complete treatment and care to the expert orthopedic team at Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican.

Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican provides many treatment options for hip conditions and injuries in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV.