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Treat Knee Pain with Preserving Knee Implants at Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican Hospitals

A preserving knee implant is a type of total knee replacement. A traditional total knee replacement removes the entire knee joint and replaces it with an artificial one. The new joint allows you to bend your knee and use it without pain and stiffness. With a preserving knee implant, doctors do not remove the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and posterior cruciate ligament (PCL).

At Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican hospitals, we provide innovative orthopedic procedures for knee surgery, including preserving knee implant, in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV. Our Siena Campus earned a Joint Commission Certification for our knee replacement program. Find a Doctor with our online tool or call (702) 616-4900 to speak with someone today.


Keep Your Anterior Cruciate Ligament with Preserving Knee Implants

If your ligaments are not diseased or damaged, a preserving knee implant may be an option. The anterior cruciate ligament and posterior cruciate ligament provide control and stability to the knee. Keeping them means your new knee will function more like a natural knee.

Knee preserving implants are relatively new and long-term outcomes are still being evaluated. If you are considering a preserving knee implant, talk with your surgeon about whether it’s a good choice for you.


What to Expect During a Preserving Knee Implants Procedure in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV

Orthopedic surgeons perform preserving knee implants procedures in a Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican hospital. You will have general anesthesia. Knee replacements can be an open or a minimally invasive arthroscopic procedure. Arthroscopic approaches result in smaller incisions, a shorter hospital stay, less pain, and a shorter recovery period.


Recovering After Total Knee Replacement

You will spend several days in the hospital following knee replacement. The length of your stay depends on the type of surgery — open or arthroscopic. It may also be necessary to stay in a rehabilitation center before returning home. Once at home, you will need help with daily activities for a period of time.

Physical therapy is an essential part of recovery. It will help you regain knee function with less pain. A full recovery can take several months.

Most people return to their favorite activities with very few limitations. Knee implants have a limited life expectancy. You can help prolong the life of your artificial knee by maintaining a healthy weight. People who are overweight have a higher rate of joint failure. You should also get regular exercise to strengthen your muscles and stabilize your knee.

Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican hospitals offers partial knee implants in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV, to treat knee injuries and pain.