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Lap Band to Gastric Sleeve Conversions

Had a previous Bariatric Surgery and need a Conversion?

Are you having difficulty losing weight with a lap band procedure or experiencing not so good results with a previous surgery such as:

  • Vomiting
  • Difficulty retaining food or food getting stuck
  • Inability to tolerate many foods 
  • Chronic pain around the port site
  • Heart palpitations and anxiety related to the gastric band procedure

If you answer yes to any of the above, you may benefit from a gastric sleeve conversion procedure.  Learn more about the gastric sleeve and benefits. We offer revisions of previous surgeries from lap band to sleeve or sleeve to Stomach Intestinal Pylorus Sparing Surgery (SI)PS.

What is a Band to Sleeve Conversion?

The conversion revises the original bypass surgery removing the port and converting to the gastric sleeve method. It is highly recommended that you seek out an expert in this area as this surgery can be complicated though it offers quite a bit of relief and satisfaction for many patients. Patients who undergo this procedure have short hospital stays on average of 2 days, and the actual procedure usually takes about 2 hours. We are happy to discuss your options at the time of consultation with our physician-led team.

Find Out More

To learn more about our weight loss surgery program, please call (480) 728-5673. We will be happy to help.