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Emergency Treatment for Electric Shock in Las Vegas, NV

Electrical shock happens when an electric current travels through the body. The current can cause damage to internal organs and burns — and even cardiac arrest. Electric shock can also cause death. The danger from an electric shock depends on the voltage, type of current, and the length of time you are in contact with the current.

Not sure when to go to the ER for electrical shock? Anyone who has sustained an electric shock should seek medical evaluation, even if there is no apparent injury or if the injury appears to be just a minor burn. A doctor’s evaluation is still necessary because there could be a serious internal injury. Call 911 in severe cases.

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Causes of Electric Shock Injury

Electrical shock injuries occur from:

  • Inserting something into an outlet
  • Lightning
  • Accidental contact with exposed wiring
  • Contact with faulty wiring or appliances 
  • Arching from high-voltage power lines. High voltage electricity can jump to a conduit, such as the human body, several feet away. 


Electric Shock Symptoms

As the electrical energy enters the body, it changes to thermal energy. The main symptoms of an injury from electrical shock are usually burns, which can range from mild to severe. Not all electric shocks cause external damage. High voltage shocks usually cause internal injuries. 

Other symptoms of electric shock can include:


Electric Shock Treatment at Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican

The first step in treating electric shock is to unplug the source of electricity if the person is still in contact with it. If that is not possible, turn off the circuit breaker supplying the electricity. Do not touch the person while they are in contact with the electrical source. Turning off appliances does not always stop the flow of electricity. If you can’t turn the current off, use rubber or wood to push the person away from the source. Call 911 for assistance and start first aid for shock or start CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) if necessary. 

If the injured person is close to live, high-voltage power lines, call 911 and stay at least 20 feet away. Do not attempt to rescue them yourself.

Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican provides emergency services for electric shock in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV.