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Treating Pediatric Neurology Conditions at Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican Hospitals

Neurology is the study and treatment of disorders that affect the nervous system. Pediatric neurology is a subspecialty of neurology that focuses on children and teenagers under age 18.

A pediatric neurologist treats many types of conditions related to the nervous system including:

Pediatric neurologists in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV, at Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican hospitals use various treatments to offer relief for children living with neurological disorders.


Pediatric Neurology Services

A pediatric neurologist uses various forms of testing to assess children, diagnose their condition, develop a treatment plan, and monitor how well treatment is working. Some tests may include:

A neurologist also performs exams to check how a child or teen functions with everyday activities, testing things like memory, communication, puzzle-solving ability, and understanding.

Once the evaluation is complete, a personalized treatment plan is developed, taking into account the disorder or disease, the condition of your child, and the treatment options that are available.

Treatment may include medication, such as anti-seizure medication or chemotherapy, or surgery, if needed. For example, surgery may be done to remove a tumor or obstruction, relieve unrelenting seizures, or insert a shunt.

A pediatric neurologist may also refer children and teens to other professionals for treatment, including:

  • Speech therapy to help patients communicate 
  • Behavioral or psychotherapy to help patients learn cognitive and behavioral skills
  • Physical therapy to help children move their bodies or to keep their muscles as strong as possible
  • Occupational therapy to help patients adapt to using special equipment such as wheelchairs and adapted tools, including spoons and cups

Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican hospitals provides pediatric neurology in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV, as part of our neurological services.