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Dignity Health Methodist Hospital of Sacramento Family Medicine Residency Program

Class of 2027


Memorable Moments

Message from the Director

“In this community, it is our hospitals and our residents that care for the most vulnerable - something I do not think should be overlooked or understated. Many start down the path of medicine with altruistic, optimistic, perhaps lofty goals of caring for the underserved. Somewhere along the line they become jaded, or perhaps economically enticed, and the calling that brought them to medicine becomes lost. The reason medical students choose this program, the reason our faculty work here, the reason I am here is because Dignity Health has not lost sight of this path. We work here because we are proud to take care of those others might neglect. We have stayed true to our mission. Our residency is a product of our commitment to train our future primary care work force, and to treat those most in need. This is truly something to be proud of."

Welcome to the Dignity Health Methodist Hospital of Sacramento Program

Established in 1994, the Dignity Health Methodist Hospital of Sacramento Program was created to train the best and brightest Family Medicine Physicians in a hospital system focused on caring for the underserved of our community. The program has consistently received the highest level of residency accreditation from the ACGME, a reflection of the dedication and talent of the residents and faculty that continue the program’s reputation for exceptional primary care training.

From day one residents learn hands on working one-on-one with attending physicians from primary care and virtually every field in a completely single residency community hospital setting where ultimate respect and value is placed in primary care. On OBGYN, family medicine residents deliver the babies, in the ICU they place the central lines and run the codes. Residents quickly learn to feel comfortable handling the most complex patients in the outpatient and inpatient settings gaining skills that will allow them to practice in any setting they choose. Outpatient and inpatient procedures are abundant, and opportunities for inpatient procedures such as central lines, lumbar puncture, paracentesis, thoracentesis and intubation are the norm. In the outpatient setting residents quickly become adept at circumcisions, complex laceration repair, IUD placement, colposcopy, endometrial biopsy, joint injections, splinting, casting, fluorescein exam, EKG/ CXR interpretation, advanced dermatologic procedures and much more.

This training allows graduates of the program to routinely start solo practices, join medical groups, and become hospitalists without needing further fellowship training. They become academic faculty, go on to sports medicine, geriatric, palliative care and surgical obstetrics fellowships. Many do international work – a former graduate, Dr. Sinha, recently received the United Nations International Volunteer of the Year! While receiving this breadth of training, resident physicians truly obtain the skills to care for patients from “cradle to grave.”

Our ethnically and culturally diverse faculty strive to live up to their reputation of being the most supportive and approachable possible. Our patient population supplies tons of pediatrics, woman’s health, geriatrics, global health, psychiatric and sports medicine opportunities. These medical experiences, coupled with a strong didactic curriculum, translate into virtually every resident passing their board exams. This exceptional training also coincides with an absolute focus by the program director and faculty on maintaining a healthy work/life balance that encourages emotional as well as medical growth. Residents are embraced as a key component of this patient centered medical team that is dedicated to teamwork, professionalism, mutual support and wellness.

The primary goal of the Residency Program is quality education, with a priority of training family physicians caring for the underserved. A core group of faculty teaches the residents within various settings, providing much needed medical care for the community. Many patients access the health care our residents provide at locations including:


Train residents in a quality-driven, team-based, community hospital and health center setting that puts the patient first, regardless of their income, race, or gender, and that equips residents with advanced skills in delivering value-based and trauma-informed care for highly complex populations.

Recruit residents who demonstrate professionalism and resiliency, who are committed to teamwork that harnesses the expertise of each member in a multi-disciplinary partnership, and have a desire to continue working with medically underserved and disenfranchised communities of Northern California after residency.

Create a family medicine training program of excellence that promotes the placement and retention of physician leaders from urban and rural underserved communities.

Maintain and develop collaborations between the participating community health centers, the hospital, and the community that support resident learner interests and results in scholarly activity and measurable outcomes.

Train full-spectrum family medicine physicians to address regional underserved and rural healthcare shortages.

Equip family medicine physicians to provide trauma-informed and patient-centered care.

Contact Our Program

Family Medicine Residency Program

Methodist Hospital of Sacramento
7500 Hospital Drive
Sacramento, CA 95823

Phone: (916) 681-1900
Fax: 916.688.0225

For applicant information, visit our Applicant Information page. For general information about our program, contact our Residency Supervisor Michelle Esparza:
Phone: (916) 681-1900 or email: [email protected]

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