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Medical Safe Haven

“Replicating this type of medical safe haven model within a residency program in primary care has the potential to provide widespread care across the country, at a relatively low cost. It concurrently trains our future physician workforce to appropriately identify, respond to and longitudinally care for this vulnerable patient population."

Ron Chambers MD
US News

Resources for Residency Programs and Physicians

We have created a number of resources to support the establishment of a Human Trafficking Medical Safe Haven for those who have experienced human trafficking, sex and/or labor. These resources are survivor informed, and useful as peer guidance for physician training in understanding human trafficking and trauma-informed care.

The Human Trafficking Medical Safe Haven program model is based upon long term, integrated care for survivors, within a Family Medicine Residency. The Human Trafficking Medical Safe Haven program can be adapted for diverse clinical environments. 

Establishing a Human Trafficking Safe Haven

Training Resources for Physician and Residency Programs 

Sample Program Resources

Sample Community Resource Guide

Sacramento County Human Trafficking Victims Community Resource Guide (Invaluable for assisting victims identified within a clinic or hospital facility)

Resource for Hospital Facilities: Dignity Health Human Trafficking Response Program

Shared Learnings Manual

Additional National Resources

National Human Trafficking Hotline


HEAL Trafficking


AHA (Red Flags, ICD-10 Codes)


Learn More

For more information, please contact Medical Safe Haven Program Director at [email protected] or call 916.681.1628.