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Why Choose Our Program?

Top Eleven Reasons for Choosing our Program (by our Current Residents)      

  1. Supportive and approachable faculty
  2. Happy residents/friendly residents
  3. Global Health Curriculum
  4. Practice management training
  5. Community-based program/Unopposed program
  6. Clinic and outpatient training
  7. Call schedule
  8. Friendly, but competent work environment
  9. Curriculum/Didactics
  10. Strong inpatient training/Mercy General Hospital
  11. Location

The residents in our program wanted to have one page that summarizes the things that we consider our strengths, the things that make them proud to be part of it. Take a look at the items below and you will see what makes us really stand out.

Didactics: We have a well-designed and comprehensive didactic curriculum, including lectures by core faculty and numerous community specialists who share their expertise and experience. We are proud to have a top-notch practice management curriculum. Residents learn the nuts and bolts of contract negotiations, income and expense sheets, staffing and overhead, to prepare them for today's managed-care environment. In addition, our curriculum includes several skill- building workshops.

Call Schedule and Night Float: A night float system has been implemented eliminating any 24-hour calls throughout the three years. The system has been very popular among residents and ensures adherence to all ACGME guidelines. Find out more about our call system here.

Mercy General Hospital (MGH): The experience we get at MGH is unique and challenging. We get to manage patients with more independence and we work with an urban, underserved population that has pathology not often seen in more suburban or affluent areas. Think of it as "Attending Boot Camp." This training helps our residents gain confidence and experience in handling difficult cases. Find out more about inpatient medicine on our curriculum page.

Diversity of patient population: Methodist Hospital has an ethnically diverse patient base, with Caucasians, African Americans, Asians and Hispanics represented. We deal with cultural issues relating to healthcare and with economic and social issues, as well. With our pediatric coverage encompassing most of Sacramento, our inpatient pediatric service at Mercy San Juan Medical Centerhas a high volume for a community hospital. Mercy General Hospital deals with a more urban clientele, including indigent and immigrant populations. Whatever you're looking for, you'll find it here.

Attendings: Our Family Medicine faculty are young and energetic, eager to teach, with individual areas of expertise, providing a good blend of talents and experience. Several attendings we work with on our medicine service and specialty rotations were on Sacramento Magazine's "Sacramento's Best Docs" list. The diversity of background and experience of faculty, residents and staff enrich our knowledge, experience and skill working with diverse population.

We are a community-based program, family medicine only. There are no other residents in either hospital but ours. This means we do not have to compete with other residents for procedures or cases, we have less "turf wars" and get a larger variety of patients. We feel this prepares our residents to go into any kind of practice.

Behavioral Science: We truly integrate the biopsychosocial model into our patient care in both the clinic and inpatient setting. 

Our program offers generous benefits
Learn more about our benefits here.

Our program's leadership is responsive to resident needs and concerns. They stand behind us and are open-minded about doing things to make our program better.

We have a very family-friendly program. We work hard and our residents get plenty of experience, but we like to have a life outside of residency, too. The Night Float rotations and friendly Call Schedule allow us to spend time with our families and with each other socially.

We are a D.O. friendly program. Many of our residents are graduates of schools of Osteopathic Medicine.

Sacramento is just a great place to live. We have close proximity to all kinds of recreation and cultural events; including skiing, salmon fishing, hiking, concerts, theater and much, much more! Check out our Sacramento Area Resources page for more information.

Finally, our program is like a family. Many of our faculty are on a first-name basis with the residents and everyone works hard to make this program great! We have many social events; including journal club, picnics and informal get-togethers (amazing pot-lucks), and we all get to know each other. We love being here and hope you will find your place here with us!