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Why Choose Our Program?


Top Ten Reasons for Choosing our Program:      

  1. Supportive and approachable faculty
  2. Happy and friendly residents (with a Wellness Committee)
  3. Balanced work/life schedule with no 24-hour call
  4. Community-based single residency program
  5. Diversity of patients, residents, faculty and staff
  6. Welcoming, competent work environment dedicated to treating the underserved
  7. Human Trafficking Medical Safe Haven
  8. POCUS training with Butterfly IQ handheld ultrasound device provided for each resident
  9. Strong inpatient training
  10. Sacramento is a great place to live!

Attendings - Our Family Medicine faculty is energetic, approachable and eager to teach with individual areas of expertise, providing a good blend of talents and experience. Collectively, our faculty has completed POCUS training and/or the UCSF Faculty Development Fellowship, with one attending dual-boarded in FM and Psychiatry.

Resident Wellness - Residents work hard and get plenty of experience, but there remains a focus for a balanced life outside of work as well. The schedule allows ample time to spend with families and with each other socially. Our resident-led Wellness Committee organizes fun activities, social events, and dinners. Significant others and families are always invited!  

Call Schedule and Night Float - A night float system has been implemented eliminating any 24-hour calls throughout the three years. The system has been very popular among residents and ensures adherence to all ACGME guidelines.

We are a community-based, single residency program - Family Medicine residents are the only residents in our hospitals and perform central lines, intubations, arterial lines, etc. Our robust clinical and inpatient experience prepare our residents to practice medicine in a variety of settings after graduation. Our graduates have started private practices, worked in outpatient settings (solo/small group/large group urban practices, rural practices, urgent care, etc), worked as Hospitalists, and completed fellowship training.

100% Family Medicine Board Certification on first attempt

We are a D.O. friendly program. Many of our residents are graduates of Schools of Osteopathic Medicine, and are able to practice OMT under the supervision of our osteopathic attending.

Diversity of residents, faculty and staff - In 2002, Time Magazine named Sacramento “America’s Most Diverse City.” And close to 20 years later, Sacramento maintains the title with a Diversity Index of 77% in 2020, according to the U.S. Census Bureau data. The diversity of Sacramento is reflected in our residents, faculty and staff. Between all of us, there is an average of 10 languages spoken! 

Diversity of patient population - Methodist Hospital has an ethnically diverse patient base reflecting the Sacramento region. Residents become adept at dealing with cultural, economic, and social issues relating to healthcare. 

Human Trafficking Medical Safe Haven - We are the first residency program to have a Medical Safe Haven. We provide full spectrum trauma-informed primary care for victims and survivors of human trafficking. Our team is led by understanding physicians and medical staff who are extensively trained in victim-centered, trauma informed care. We also have an embedded patient advocate on site as well. In addition to creating a Human Trafficking Medical Safe Haven Curriculum that is now being taught at other programs, we travel internationally to provide education to other physicians and providers.

POCUS Training - We have a POCUS curriculum and a POCUS elective with the opportunity for residents to be certified. In addition, our program provides each resident with a Butterfly IQ handheld ultrasound device.

Strong Inpatient Training - We provide a strong inpatient training experience in ICU and medical wards. There is an abundance of procedures such as central lines, intubations, arterial lines, etc. Due to our robust training, 28% of our graduates work as Hospitalists and 11% work in a hybrid inpatient and outpatient role.

Mercy General Hospital - The experience at MGH is wonderfully unique and challenging. Senior residents manage patients with more independence while serving an urban, underserved population. Think of it as "Attending Boot Camp." This training enables our residents to gain confidence and experience with hospital medicine.

Sacramento is just a great place to live - There is so much to do in and around Sacramento! Love sports? Catch the Sacramento Kings, Sacramento RiverCats and Sacramento Republic FC play! Love to eat and drink? Sacramento is the "Farm to Fork capital" and home to many great restaurants and craft breweries. Love to be outdoors? Sacramento has a lot of water activities, hiking trails and bike trails. We are also very close to Lake Tahoe, San Francisco and Napa Valley!

Finally, our program is like a family - Our residents and faculty are on a first name basis and everyone works hard to make this program great! We have many social events and informal get togethers including picnics, puzzle nights, paddle boarding, dinners, etc. We love being here and hope you will find your place here with us!