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Medical Safe Haven

“Replicating this type of medical safe haven model within a residency program in primary care has the potential to provide widespread care across the country, at a relatively low cost. It concurrently trains our future physician workforce to appropriately identify, respond to and longitudinally care for this vulnerable patient population."

Ron Chambers MD
U.S. News & World Report

Listen to an NPR Broadcast Featuring the Role of a Medical Safe Haven in Human Trafficking Survivor Care
Title: Capital Public Radio: Most Sex Trafficking Victims See A Doctor At Some Point. Experts Say Clinics, Hospitals Can Help End The Abuse.

Resources for Residency Programs and Physicians

We have created resources based upon the experience of physicians, program staff and survivors, who have engaged in over 6,000 human trafficking patient encounters.  All of this experience has supported the establishment of a Human Trafficking Medical Safe Haven for those who have experienced human trafficking, sex and/or labor. These resources are survivor informed, and useful as peer guidance for physician training in understanding human trafficking and trauma-informed care.

The Human Trafficking Medical Safe Haven program model is based upon long term, integrated care for survivors, within a Family Medicine Residency. The Human Trafficking Medical Safe Haven program can be adapted for diverse clinical environments. 

Establishing a Human Trafficking Safe Haven

Mercy Family Health Center, Medical Safe Haven, meets a 30/30 score for Survivor-Informed Best Practices.

Our MSH training score is 35/35.

Empowering Human Trafficking Survivors

Training Resources for Physician and Residency Programs 

Medical School Human Trafficking Education Resources

Sample Program Resources

Sample Community Resource Guide

Sacramento County Human Trafficking Victims Community Resource Guide (Invaluable for assisting victims identified within a clinic or hospital facility)

Resource for Hospital Facilities: Dignity Health Human Trafficking Response Program

Shared Learnings Manual

Additional National Resources

National Human Trafficking Hotline


HEAL Trafficking


AHA (Red Flags, ICD-10 Codes)



Our Feedback: The Program Works

“There have been an abundance of transformative moments for me in my training as a Resident with the Mercy/Methodist Family Medicine Program, but as a female provider and, more importantly, a human being, none have been quite as earth shattering in nature as my work with survivors of human trafficking ..." Read more 

“One woman we brought to Mercy Family Health Center, had a history of 25 pimps, and childhood sexual abuse. She was fearful of doctors and had never had a health exam ... This intervention saved her life!" Read more

“... Women who have never received such compassionate and understanding care, can now trust and believe in the medical system because of this team ..." Read more  

“...The women we serve are enjoying success, instead of constant struggle, because of the great work of (Dr. Chambers') team ..."  Read more

"The overall professionalism, warmth, sensitivity and genuine concern of staff at Mercy Family Health Center (MFHC) has been amazing to witness. From the first day I took my client in, she noticed a complete change in service from her previous provider, she was in utter shock at the kindness she received from everyone..." Read more

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For more information, please contact Medical Safe Haven Program Director at [email protected] or call (916) 681-1628.

Learn more about HT Medical Safe Haven Patient Initiatives.